January 24, 2012

Winter Weather:  Usually at this time of year I am reminding students and parents to be prepared for bad weather and school  closings.  Hopefully that won’t be an issue this year, but just in case…in the event school is closed we will pick up right where we left off on our last day of class.  Any assignments that are due or activities that have been planned will be as scheduled under most circumstances.

Lost and Found:  Has your child lost a coat, hat, gloves, hoodie, jeans, lunchbox,… there is quite a collection in the lost and found.  Please remind your child to check for lost items as they will soon be donated.

Hat Day:  This Friday, January 27th will be hat day at WIS. 

Valentine Party:  Mrs. Williams recently sent notes home regarding this event.  Please contact her or myself if you have questions.  The party is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th at 3:00.  Students may bring decorated Valentine boxes from home for a contest on that day. 

Supplies:  Several students are in need of school supplies.  I put out 50 pencils and 250 sheets of paper the first of January.  Pencils are gone and paper is low.  Please help your child be prepared for class by restocking supplies.  The counselor also has extra supplies that students may pick up from her office.

Extra Credit:  Want to help your child earn 3 bonus points for this quarter?  Subscribe to this blog using your email address!  It is easy, just enter your email address and wait for your confirmation.  By subscribing you will automatically receive updates every time I update the blog.  This way you can see what we have done in class each day (Agenda) and what is going on with our school and class (Class News).


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