October 20, 2014

Unit 1 Review:  I am hoping to give the post-formative assessment next week on Thursday.  Review handout given today in class covers GCF, LCM, and the Distributive Property.  This is due Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.

IXL:  5th Grade L1, L3, L4 (20 problems each) due Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.

Conferences:  Don’t forget to sign-up for a parent-teacher conference if you would like to meet the week of Oct. 27th.  You can sign up using this link:  http://vols.pt/kxjohp  You can also email or call to schedule your appointment.

Mastery Connect Reports (these replace the traditional report card for core subjects), Special Class Progress Reports, and Fitness Reports are scheduled to be sent home this Wednesday.


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