May 12, 2017

Our final test of the year is Monday, May 15th.  Students needing to re-test on standards 6.EE.3 and 6.EE.4 will be testing.  You can find this information by logging into Mastery Connect.  Students should also be aware of this and should have brought their Math Journal home to study over the weekend.  Examples can be found on page 68 & 70 of their journal.  We will be testing on equivalent expressions.

Don’t forget to take care of WIS library fines.  Fines “follow” students to WMS and may limit your use of the library.

Park Day:  We will be walking to the park on Wednesday, May 17th for lunch.  Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase a school sack lunch, but I need the count on Monday, May 15th.  Please be sure your child knows what they are doing on that day Monday so we can place our sack lunch order with the cafeteria.


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