Expressions & Equations


Lesson 1-3:  Powers & Exponents:  Resources from our textbook.  Includes a video, extra examples, personal tutor,

and a quiz.

Virtual Nerd: What is an Exponent

Khan Academy:  Video resources introducing exponents, includes fractions

Otter Rush:  Exponent Game

Baseball Exponents:  XP Math

Math Games on Exponents:  four different games on exponents

Exponent Battle:  you will need a deck of cards to play this game

Alien Powers:  be sure to scroll down to see this game; keep scrolling to find additional exponent games

Order of Operations

Virtual Nerd:  What is the order of operations?

Order Ops:  Watch the instructional video before you play.

Order of Operations Millionaire Game:  play alone or with someone

Math Playground Order of Operations:  can you beat the timer?

PEMDAS Blaster:  this game has advanced grouping symbols

XP Math Order of Operations:  basic review of this concept

Numerical & Algebraic Expressions

Virtual Nerd:  What are numerical and algebraic expressions?

Virtual Nerd:  How do you translate phrases into numerical expressions?

Virtual Nerd: How do you turn a simple verbal phrase into an algebraic expression?

Virtual Nerd:  What is a coefficient?

Virtual Nerd:  What is a variable?

Virtual Nerd:  What is a constant?



Math Basketball:  commutative property of multiplication

Multiplication Properties:  review of all 3 properties

Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Laws:  review of all 3 properties with practice

Properties of Multiplication:  on-line quiz


Jeopardy Review game:  fun way to practice inequalities



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