Multiplication Fact Practice

Fruit Shoot:  Multiplication Facts arcade style

Multiplication Quick Quiz:  timed test through the 12s; you can pick the set you need to work on  On-line tests

Teaching the Times Tables:  great resource if your still working on basic facts

Learn Your Multiplication Table:  more tricks and hints for learning your facts

5 Ways to Teach the Multiplication Tables to Your Child:  hints for parents (kids can read this too!)

Top That:  card game to review basic facts for 2 or more players

Timed Multiplication Test:  practice test; through 9s facts only  lots of different games to play to practice

How Can I Learn My Times Tables?  Video from Math Playground

Math is Fun:  practice through the fifteens and mixed practice

Math Playground:  more computation practice

Fact Monster:  uses flashcards; be sure to select the appropriate level

Johnnie’s Math Page:  great math resource with lots of games for computation practice

Cool Math for Kids The Timernator:  let’s you practice up to a certain set

Learn Times  basic site that let’s you choose what to practice

Math Man:  Pac Man like game to practice facts


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