Unit 3: Ratios and Rates

Check out these websites for review and fun as we learn about ratios and rates

Math Antics:  Prop0rtions 

Ratio Rumble:  game from BrainPop

Unit Rates:  problems, games, and handouts

Matching Rates with Unit Rates:  game with two modes

Chapter 6: Ratios, Rates, & Proportions

Ratio Stadium:  racing game using equivalent fractions

Ratio Blaster:  Finding equal ratios

BBC Bitesize Ratios: 

BrainPop:  Ratios (see me for login information)

MathPlayground Video:  Ratios

SoftSchools:  Ratio Game

SoftSchools:  Ratios Coloring Game

Math Is Fun:  Extra Examples & Practice

Math Is Fun:  Tutorial & Practice

SoftSchools:  Ratio Coloring Activity

Math Playground:  Ratio Thinking Blocks

Johnnie’s Math Page:  check out the ratio activities half way down the page

Matching Rates with Unit Rates:  game

Unit Rate and Price Comparison:  Jeopardy style game for 1 or 2 players

Braining Camp:  different activities; use the free-trial

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