Unit 2: Integers

Classifying Numbers:  classify numbers in the real number system

Integers in the Real World:  introductory video

Integers in the Real World:  slide show of the video shown in class

Integers:  introduction to integers; great for review

BrainPop:  Absolute Value

Absolute Value and Opposite Integers:  test your knowledge

Absolute Value:  Challenge Exercises and Word Problems

Math Antics:  Graphing on the Coordinate Plane

Billy Bug:  practice graphing on the coordinate plane

Locate the Aliens:  fine dhte aliens

Coordinate Grid Games:  a variety of games

Stock the Shelves:  Mr. Nussbaum’s site; uses positive and negative numbers

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy:  review Jeopardy style

Integer Number Line:  practice placing integers on a number line

Math Man:  practice placing integers on a number line Pac-Man style

Interactive Thermometer:  practice reading a thermometer with above and below zero temperatures

Math Antics Negative Numbers:  video

Scholastic Integer Football:  easy game to print out and play with a friend

BrainPop Video:  Rational and Irrational Numbers

Integer Football:  fun game to play, very similar to the activity we did in class

Sheppard Software:   link to several games to review integers, order integers, and compare integers

Sink Cap’N K!:  Battleship-type game to practice graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate plane

Graph Mole:  graphing game with three levels of difficulty for plotting points on a coordinate plane

Absolute Numbers:  Shmoop video

Reflect points over the x and y axes:  Learnzillion video

Cartesian Cartoons:  site with printables to download and practice

Brain Pop Video:  Coordinate Plane