Unit 4: Expressions

Video Mash-Up:  Words to Expressions

Who Wants to Be a Hundredaire?:  review writing expressions

Math Antics Video:  Exponents

BrainPop: Exponents

Math Games:  Identifying Terms, Coefficients, and Monomials

Algebraic Expressions Millionaire

Verbal and Algebraic Expressions

Terms:  What is a Term?

Like Terms:  What are Like Terms?

Coefficient:  What is a Coefficient?

Constant:  What is a Constant?

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions using Substitution

How to Combine Like Terms:  video

MathGames.com:  Add and Subtract Like Terms

Jeopardy:  Unit Review #1

BrainPop:  Commutative Property

BrainPop:  Associative Property

BrainPop:  Distributive Property

Math Properties Jeopardy

Quia Jeopardy Math Properties

Properties of Multiplication:  Math Basketball

Mr. Falci’s Grade 6 Math Site:  a good resource with videos, extra activities, and practice for summative review